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Born in Argentina, Herman Ringer held a position for 15 years in the orchestra of the State Opera of Buenos Aires and in January 2018 moved to London to pursue a career as a conductor.

Abroad, he performed in Brazil and was invited for three international tours with the Youth Orchestra Of The Americas, working under the baton of Placido Domingo, Gustavo Dudamel, Benjamin Zander and Carlos Miguel Prieto. In London he collaborated with the Lambeth Orchestra and I Maestri.


In popular music, he played with and arranged strings and woodwinds for mainstream and up and coming artists in Argentina alike.

In June 2018 made his London debut as a conductor with the London Moonlight Symphony Orchestra, at St John’s Smith Square, Westminster.


In March 2019 toured as conductor with the Buswell and Nyberg’s Pop Up Orchestra, made up of various local musicians in Leeds, Edinburgh, Swindon and London and Exeter.  


In September 2019, Herman was invited to become the conductor of the Salisbury Sinfonia.


He also studied double bass and drums, and composed 8 albums of original songs. Currently he's composing and recording for library music, advertisement and other projects.

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